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May 19, 2016
MZ Group Annoucement
MZ Group enters Top Five ranking of the 2016 Corporate Communications Yearbook
With revenue of more than R$61 million, the agency is the 5th largest in revenue terms

May 19, 2016, 18:05 ET from MZ"

SAO PAULO, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MZ" has earned a place among the Top Five public relations and corporate communications agencies, according to the ranking of the 2016 Corporate Communications Yearbook, now in its 7th edition, which is produced by Mega Brasil and was presented to the market today. Among the 90 companies listed, the agency, which has operations in Brazil and offices throughout North America and Asia (Chicago, New York, San Diego, Hong Kong, Sidney, Taipei and Vancouver) was ranked fifth in terms of revenue, with more than R$61 million, and sixth in number of employees, with 260 professionals.

"We are extremely proud of this achievement, especially given the reputation of the Yearbook, which is an important source for analyzing the sector and the scenario. We are very pleased to be among the Top Five with our new brand MZ"," declared Samuel Leite, MZ" Group's Head of Communications and Marketing. Founded in 2009, MZ" recently went through a rebranding process, underlining its positioning and recognition as the number one consulting firm in Latin America and seventh in the world in business communications, reputation and value.

According to Leite, MZ" combines various skills and has a product and service portfolio capable of meeting the most diverse needs of a wide range of clients from different sectors and with varied profiles. "We have clients in public relations, government relations, investor relations, digital communications and marketing, internal communications, the creation and production of audiovisual content, and crisis management. We combine strategic consulting expertise with strong technological support, which is an integral part of our structure and a vital component of our DNA," he added.

This edition of the Corporate Communications Yearbook has the institutional support of Abracom – the Brazilian Association of Communications Agencies. Aberje - the Brazilian Association of Corporate Communications, ABRH – the Brazilian Human Resources Association (Brazil and Sao Paulo Level), and the collaboration of Maxpress.

February 24, 2016
Grupo Attitude restructures
its assets to consolidate under one single brand: MZ"

MZ" ratifies its position as an innovative agency and leading consultant in business communication, reputation and value

Sao Paulo, February 24, 2016 - Grupo Attitude S.A. announced today the restructuring of its assets, with migration of most partners in investees to the holding, and rebranding of the group under a brand that enjoys expressive market recognition (in Brazil and abroad): MZ" (name that results from the initials of "Marco Zero" - Ground Zero, which means origin, impact point). All current partners, leaders and senior consultants will remain in the company, which was reorganized into five major business units. Accordingly, MZ" ratifies its positioning and recognition as the #1 consulting firm in Latin America, #4 in Asia and #7 in the world in business communication, reputation and value.

The past six years saw large investments that were supported by the capitalization of the Jardim Botanico Investment Fund in December 2009. In this phase of growth and improvement of governance processes, the companies MZ Consult (investor relations and technology) and LEAD (reputation, value and governance) have joined the agencies MVL/Attitude RP (public relations), Tino (PR, digital and advertising in healthcare), Digitale.XY2 and Pixit (digital agencies, marketing and video solutions), HCI and Illios (US consulting firms), and CAN (Taiwan technology company). The Government Affairs business unit has been set up more recently.

For Rodolfo Zabisky, CEO of MZ", "now it's time to go beyond and give the next step forward, changing from a holding with several specialized agencies to a unified company that is in line with its core purpose: to innovate in communication so as to impact our clients' business as required by them." At this moment, only the Tino brand will be maintained in the healthcare segment of MZ", in addition to the startup Engage-x (collaborative platform created to lead a breakthrough in communication and interaction between stakeholders and brands/companies). "We believe that communication should be strategic and play an advisory role based on short-, medium- and long-term planning. The ongoing construction of reputation and value of brands and business requires persistent and determined "inch-by-inch" (origin of the symbol placed next to MZ") efforts towards gaining engagement and a premium position on the competitive ground of stakeholders' preference," he added.

The new structure of MZ" relies on five business fronts that impact clients' most diverse demands:

Reputation and Value Reputation and value gaps I Engage-x collaborative platform I Crisis management I Governance consulting I Brand and business strategy Innovation

Communication and Engagement Public relations I Marketing j Activation campaigns I Branded content Advertising I Healthcare dominance

Digital and Experience Engagement of audiences I Interactive videos and web-IN I Online campaigns I Ideas, attitudes and behaviors I Apps and Portals I Social media

Investor Relations Shareholder ID and targeting I Financial compliance and ESG I Management of market expectations I Technology (website, webcast, CRM and XBRL)

• Government Affairs Strategic consulting and advisory I Stakeholders mapping and engagement I Negotiation of proposals J Legislative advisory

MZ" is the leader in the Latin American market and ranks among the most preferred brands in the international market, counting on approximately 250 employees and providing recurring services to more than 400 clients in 14 countries. With its head office located in Sao Paulo, the company has own offices in the cities of Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, New York, San Diego, Taipei, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sidney.

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